Doc’s Harley-Davidson® - Classic Car & Cycle Museum

Enjoy our free museum! Doc's Classic Car & Cycle Museum is packed with cool 60's muscle cars & a tasteful blend of various classic cars & motorcycles.

We invite you to stop in & become "lost in time" as we are sure most of you will have some fond memory to relive. The theme is set as you enter through the original bi-fold doors of a real 1938 Standard gas station that has been reassembled on one whole wall of the museum! The gas station is complete with the same original Standard sign lit up! On display is also an authentic 1928 Milwaukee Pump Works visible gas pump. It's as though you could still buy gas there!

Rosco P. Coltrane was just spotted in hot pursuit chasing the infamous Beau and Luke Duke over the roof of Doc's Harley-Davidson just East of Bonduel! Word has it they tried to get away with a brand new Harley-Davidson from Doc's!

This is a view of the entrance to the museum from our motorcycle showroom. The original window from the 1938 Standard gas station is still being used in our dealership to give customers a glimpse of the museum from the showroom.

Here are the original bi-fold doors from a local 1938 Standard station. The doors have been reassembled, along with the rest of the gas station front, right here in our dealership as though you could walk right up & buy gas there!

Don't forget to check your "weight & fate" before you enter our museum on our antique fortune telling scale. Or, if you are feeling strong, you can test your strength on our antique "strength tester."

Doc is standing next to one of his unique antique gas pumps. The pump is a 1925 Canadian Double gas pump model L82 made by Duplex Clear Vision. This White Rose gas pump came from Saskatchewan, Canada over 45 years ago.

The museum walls feature many original porcelain gas station signs & other memorabilia. We even have a real original General Lee autographed by the legendary George Barris.

The shelves & walls are full of neat oil bottles, & countless items to remind you of the love man has enjoyed with the automotive era.

1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible

This beautiful California car features a 400ci engine, & 4-speed transmission. Docdrove this car home in March of 06' from San Diego, California over 2,450 miles!

1951 MGTD

This car was purchased brand new by a kid that was still in High School.

1971 Cuda Convertible 440

500 Horsepower, 6-speed, disc brakes, air, 1 of only 293 convertibles built in 71'.

1964 Pontiac Bonneville 2+2 Convertible

389 Tri-power, 8 lug wheels, 4 speed, bucket seats, & a chrome factory tach. The color is midnight blue which is such a dark blue that it looks black in almost any light.

One of only 239 produced! It has the Ram Air 4, carousel red paint, & parchment white interior. It definitely earns the name "The Judge."

As you wander through the museum, you will come across many treasures, including this early, German-developed, STP oil rack. The rack is still stocked with original oil. Where there is one can missing, there is an original metal label that says "gone to work."

This is an original porcelain Sinclair H-C Gasoline sign. The H-C stands for Houston Concentrate, which is the name of the first premium fuel developed by Sinclair at their Houston laboratory in 1926.

It's a car! It's a boat! No, it' Amphicar! Yes, this vehicle both drives & floats! You may occasionally see this beautifully restored Amphicar "driving" across Shawano Lake on a calm Summer day.

The monstrous Hemi motor is a completely "over-the-top" motor. It was "de-tuned" from the factory to a mere 425 horsepower just to make it realistic for street use. Combined with it's 2 AFB Carter 4-barrel carburetors, the Hemi has earned the age old nickname "elephant motor."

Doc searched across the country to find this 1969 Plymouth GTX Hemi convertible in B5 blue. It is one of only 9 cars ever made in this combination! The 425 horsepower Hemi motor in this car is pictured above.Doc searched across the country to find this 1969 Plymouth GTX Hemi convertible in B5 blue. It is one of only 9 cars ever made in this combination! The 425 horsepower Hemi motor in this car is pictured above.

This extremely rare 1970 Hemi Cuda' is quite possibly the "King of Doc's collection!" Doc searched for over a year before finally finding this car! It is a fully documented, numbers matching, rust free, car with all original metal. It features a monstrous, 500 Horsepower, 426 ci Hemi V-8, a 4-speed with a pistol grip, super-trac pac, 4:10 dana, disc front, power steering & power brakes.

1965 Superformance AC Cobra, this car features a 550 HP 427 V-8. Superformance bought the AC Car Co. in England where Shelby got the AC Cars from & moved it to South Africa. Doc ordered this car to his specifications.

Doc restored this 1947 FL Knucklehead in the winter of 2006. It features 98% original OEM parts. The 1947 was the last year for the Knucklehead motor. In 1948 Harley-Davidson® introduced the Panhead motor.

This motor is a 1929 single cylinder stationary motor. In the late 1920's and early 1930's Harley-Davidson® did build stationary engines when motorcycle sales were poor. This is why the company is referred to as Harley-Davidson® Motor Company. The Motor Company's ability to respond to changes in the marketplace is one of the main reasons that they have survived 105 years.

This shows two motors that we have on display in our museum. Both motors still run great and Doc does regularly demonstrate this.

The one on the left is a 37'-39' Ford Flathead V-8. It makes about 60HP.

The one on the right is a 1920's John Deere Model E Stationary engine.

This is an authentic Wooly Mammoth Tusk that Doc bought at a gift shop in Alaska. It was found in Siberia & is known to be at least 100,000 years old! It weighs 88 lbs. & is 8' 7" long. This is one of the very unique oddities you will see at Doc's Classic Car & Cycle museum.

We certainly hope you've enjoyed your peek at Doc's Classic Car & Cycle Museum. We have many more interesting things for you to see. If you have a real serious interest in any of these cars, feel free to contact Doc regarding price, as we are always working to "fine-tune" our collection. Feel free to come & visit us anytime, as we are open 7 days a week and there is no charge to visit our museum.

Doc & the crew at Doc's Harley-Davidson